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Is COGO considered a waste management company or a waste to energy company?
We are a waste processing company that converts waste into forms of energy fuel.
Are there any proprietary aspects to the COGO waste management process?
What kinds of waste can COGO process?
Can COGO's technology be implemented anywhere in the world?
What are the size capabilities or limits of waste that COGO can effectively process?
What type of harmful emissions or other toxins are emitted by using COGO's technology in processing waste?
How does COGO's waste management process create energy?
Is COGO-Char considered a type of “clean coal”?

Is COGO considered an ESG or environmentally responsible company?
How long does it take for COGO to build and deploy a complete waste processing to energy unit?
Is it customary for all projects to be backed by long term purchase agreements?
What is the nature of the client agreements in place today by COGO?
Is COGO raising capital or does it have future plans to raise capital in support of its growth?
Does COGO have plans for an initial public offering?
Does the COGO solution create tradable Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”)?

Offering Sustainable Municipal Waste Management Solutions

We deploy innovative technologies and streamlined operations designed to tackle the complexities of MSW management seamlessly.

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