COGO's Waste-to-Value Revolution

At Cogo, we offer comprehensive waste management solutions that are not only environmentally responsible but also financially sustainable. Our innovative technologies and streamlined operations are designed to tackle the complexities of MSW management on a global level.

Proprietary Technology

Cogo has developed proprietary technology and machinery to convert MSW into a valuable fuel source that we’ve aptly named Phluff®. Through a clean and sustainable pyrolysis process, we transform waste into Char (Cogo-Char®) and Syngas, both of which have zero emissions and are versatile applications.

Decentralized Model

Our modular, distributed processing model empowers us to target commercial and industrial applications, as well as municipalities of all sizes, from small towns to large metroplexes. We recognize the unique challenges faced by these diverse regions, and our approach aligns with their needs by offering tailored waste management solutions.

Eliminating Landfills

By extending our reach to municipalities around the world, we contribute to reducing landfill reliance and environmental degradation on a global scale. Our commitment to sustainability is not just a business strategy; it’s our contribution to a more sustainable future for all.

COGO's Waste-to-Value Revolution
COGO offers a sustainable solution by converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into high-quality charcoal (“COGO-Char”) or other energy fuels through our proprietary technology. Our innovative distributed processing model reduces CO2 emissions, increases recycling rates, eliminates the incineration of waste and diverts waste away from landfills. The COGO solution eliminates and mitigates environmental risk across the entire waste management process; effectively contributing to the circular economy.
Process MSW
Proprietary Processing
Create Energy

No Practical Solutions
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Over 300MM tons of plastic waste are produced each year and only 9% are recycled and 12% incinerated – the rest ends up in landfills or in the environment. Insufficient recycling infrastructure contribute to the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills, oceans, and natural environments.

Here's How We're Making a Difference

Eliminates the Need for Landfills
Cogo Eco-Tech Solutions aims to revolutionize municipal solid waste (MSW) management by converting waste into valuable eco-friendly products. This approach can significantly decrease the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, which are known to be environmentally detrimental, posing threats to soil and water through pollutant leaching.
Distributed Model Can Scale From Small Towns to Large Cities
Increased Recycling Rates
Reduces CO2 Emissions
Reduces Coal Exploration
Carbon Sequestration
Cost-Effective Solution
90-120 Days To Install and Deploy 100 TPD Unit
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Offering Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management Solutions

At Cogo, we deploy innovative technologies and streamlined operations designed to tackle the complexities of MSW management seamlessly.

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Eliminating Landfills Globally

By extending our reach to municipalities worldwide, we're helping reduce landfill reliance and environmental degradation on a global scale.
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